Who am I

My name is David Khudaverdyan. I was born in 1986 (Yerevan, Armenia). At 1996 my family moved to Russia (Dubna). On 21 Dec. 2008 I sneezed. In 2009 I gratuated from MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) and moved to Luxembourg. In September 2013 I defended PhD in math in Luxembourg University in the group of Prof. Norbert Poncin. Now I am a C++ programmer and writing C++ programms on C++.

My achievements

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Where am I

Facebook — facebook.com/david.khudaverdyan

Vkontakte — vkontakte.ru/khudaverdyan

Twitter — twitter.com/khdavid

Livejournal — khdavid.livejournal.com


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